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Robert and Ann

"8 years and 11 months ago, we took a leap of faith. Nagsimula lang sa di natin subukan. Today, I promise not to try but to thrive."

12.13.14 - The hottest date to date this 2014 and we're privileged to cover one of the coolest couple this 2014.

They made sure their wedding is out of the ordinary as they specifically selected their songs to use in the video. To our surprise, the artist that sang the song we used in the video was their in their wedding. It was such a huge privilege to just witness and able to document their very special day.

Robert and Ann's love story is a testimony that love is patient. They waited for a long time and finally now they profess their love to each other in front of their family, friend and God.

Let's witness one of the wedding in the hottest date in 2014 with, without bias, the coolest couple to document. For everyone's curiosity, song used is Ikaw Pala by Sugarfree.

Here are some amazing photos from their official photographer CamZar Photography.

Now, here's their onsite video.

Dream Team:
Photography: CamZar Photography
Coordination: Monina E Events and Marketing
Preparations: Diamond Hotel
Ceremony: Paco Church
Reception: Diamond Hotel

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EJ and Ades

"Ades, Mahal, it all started with your attractive smile. A smile that brought love, happiness and everlasting joy to my life."

This is, by far, one of the most unforgettable weddings we've been to. Everyone was praying for a better weather during the day as it's the time for the typhoon to cross. It's also said that it is the strongest typhoon to hit Philippines. But despite the crazy weather, you felt the enduring love of EJ and Ades' family and friends - and there we a lot. They came and celebrated this very special day.

We, ourselves, got teary eyed when they said their thanks to everyone. Almost all came and stayed and just wore big smile on their faces.

It's a celebration of love amidst any storm. We are so privileged that we had the chance to cover this unforgettable day.

Here are some awesome photos from their official photographer Betty Uy of Imagine Nation Photography.

Let's see EJ and Ades' love story braving the rain and winds of Ruby though the same day edit video we prepared.

Here's the link to their save the date video:

Dream Team:
Photography: Imagine Nation Photography
Videography: Zoombox Wedding Videos
Invites and Calligraphy: The Fozzy Book
HMUA: Make-up by Bea Almeda
Coordination: E-Vents' Ezzentials Events Coordinator
Preparation: Tagaytay Country Hotel
Ceremony: San Antonio De Padua Parish
Reception: Two Gardens, Tagaytay

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JR and Jem

"Sometimes I asked God if it's already over for the both of us, but it feels that God is making a way for us to get back together during those tough times. But na lang talaga nag-yes ka nung nagpropose ako last year."

It was a beautiful yet challenging years for JR and Jem as it's not always highs in the relationship but also challenges. This just proves that their love for each other is strengthen through time and now for the wedding day, it validates the great love for God and to each other.

The day was graced with a beautiful weather, with just a few droplets of rain, as it's the day before the storm. God truly answers prayers.

Let us introduce JR and Jem with their lovely Tagaytay wedding.

Here are some awesome photos from their official photographer Manny and April Photography.

Here's now is their onsite video.

Dream Team:
Photography: Manny and April Photography
Videography: Zoombox Wedding Videos
Coordination: Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona
HMUA: Toni Aviles The Make-up Artist
Gown: Joel Escober Design Studio
Emcee: Monique Lopez Ong
Caterer: Passion Cooks Catering
Band: Infinite Soul Acoustic
Prep/Ceremony/Reception: Hill Creek Gardens, Tagaytay

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Fred and Edlyn: A Fairy Tale Come True

Have you ever imagined your life to be like a fairytale? Most of us did.

Fred and Edlyn's love story is like a fairytale indeed. It was when in your darkest and lost times when someone really special will come to you - like your own angel.

This is a visual feast with great creative minds from everyone involved. Check out this whimsical and magical pre-wedding film of Fred and Edlyn.

Check also the wonderful photos taken by their official photographer Eugene Martinez.

Dream Team:
Photo: Eugene Martinez Photography
Video: Zoombox Wedding Videos
HMUA: Mary Letim
Styling: Domz Ramos

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Juy and Vanec

"Cause you are the sun in my universe, considered the best when we've felt the worst and most of all it's built to last."

Both of the songs in the video we're specifically selected by Juy and Vanec as both songs have meanings to them. When you try to see the lyrics of the songs, they really do have "meanings."

It was such a delight just to see their closest family and friends gather in their very special day as they become one in front of God.

Photo credit: Dexter De Guia

Dream Team:
Photography: Dexter De Guia
Gown: Zandra Lim
HMUA: Sharon Condes-Rodil
Preparations: Marco Polo Ortigas
Ceremony: Christ the King Parish
Reception: Blue Leaf McKinley

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2014 W@Wie Awards

We have no works to describe to be selected to create this year's W@Wie Awards Announcement Videos. We have been a fan and a follower of W@W ever since we have a day jobs. It was also a highlight every year on who will be the supplier of the year as well as the video made for it. We'd like to humbly thank Ms. Benz and Sir Abet for trusting us and we are really grateful for the warm reception of the videos we made.

The concept behind the video is basically an instagram account of a photographer who does head shot photos in black and white. I'm amazed to see the simplicity yet the impact of the photo. I wanted to do something like that and it's a good thing this project came.

Personally, I'm really glad with this year's top 10 as they were most of my friends in the industry. I commend their passion to their craft and their professionalism to their clients.

For 2014, here are the top 10 W@W suppliers. Photos were courtesy of Pictratto Photography:

Aisle 1401 (videographer)

CamZar Photography (photographer)

Darlene Tan-Salazar (emcee/host)

Gretchen Pichay (couture)

Imbitado Events (coordinator)

Manny and April Photography (photographer)

Mel Orlina (couture)

Events by Thoffy (coordinator)

Toy Cakes by Kiko (cakes and pastries)

Val Villarin (make-up)
Here is our announcement video for the Top 10:

There's really no clue on who will be in the Top 5 as everyone is deserving to be in it. Here's our announcement video for the Top 5.

The most awaited announcement is who will this year's supplier of the year. The people have spoken and this year's winner is...

A huge congratulations to a fellow videographer, Aisle 1401, for winning this year's supplier of the year award. This is the second time a videographer won the said title and we are equally proud to just know that a fellow kind won.

Congratulations again to all the winners, the top 10, top 5 and the supplier of the year! Again, we are really grateful for just the once who made this year's announcement videos.

More power to the wedding industry, to W@W and to all the people who make weddings a memorable one.

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Let's Start Marking Timelines

"Because love is a journey not a destination."

We're so excited this coming 2015 as we welcome the year with visit to different countries. We'll be in the following cities/countries on these dates:

Singapore - Jan. 09-13, 2015
Sydney, Australia - Jan. 31 - Feb. 06, 2015
South Korea - Mar. 17-25, 2015

So excited to create beautiful love stories in different places around the globe! Contact us for more information. Just send us an email at zoomboxweddings@gmail.com and let's tell your love story.

Photo credit: Bryan Venancio Photography

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