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Paul and Eyah

God truly gives the perfect blessing in the right time. You may encounter disappointments, pain and failure at first but this just means God is preparing a bigger blessing for you.

This is very truthful for Paul and Eyah. After all the "almosts", it just gives enough time to meet the person who will you spend the rest of your life. God is truly amazing in his plan for us.

It was a lovely wedding in Tagaytay that time amidst the heavy rainfall the day before. It was also an almost but truly prayers are answered.

Here's a glimpse of their big day in the same day edit we prepared.

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Manyx and Malou

"Katulad ng sinasabi ko sayo dati, hindi ako marunong magpromise tsaka ayaw ko ng promises pero gagawin ko ang lahat para magwork itong marraige natin."

It was almost after the break of dawn when Manyx and Malou decided to say their life long commitment in front of their family and friends and God. It is really good sign to get when the sun is about to get up as it's resembles new beginnings and a fresh start. This is a new beginning for them as they journey together as husband and wife.

Here's a photo courtesy of their official photographer Camzar Photography.

Take a glimpse of their day in their same day edit video.

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N@W Family Marathon Shoot Year 2

It was a fun-filled Sunday afternoon as some of the prime wedding and lifestyle photographers and set design stylists gather in one venue to have an enjoyable family marathon shoot.

Thank you to Ms. Benz of W@W/N@W and also for the N@Wies for organizing an event like this. We had fun as much as everyone involved.

Here are some of the photos taken by Ruffa and Mike Photography.

Here are some photos taken from Daniel Talavera Photography who also took some of the Behind the Scenes Photos:

And hey, we have our group shot also taken by Daniel Talavera.

Now, here's our piece of the cake. We've had the privilege to take the behind the scenes video of the very successful event.

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Paul and Anne

New York, USA

Four blissful years have passed since Paul and Anne decided to finally tie the knot. It was such a beautiful day in Oyster Bay and Long Island New York as most of their family and friends were there to celebrate their big day.

We are blessed that they decided to let us do our own spin on their video which was provided by their official videographer then, Pennylane Productions.

It was just a full day of joy, laughter and groove!

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Bogs and Thea

"I am happy that you are my first and now my last [boyfriend], my husband."

It was truly a fulfilling day for Bogs and Thea that finally they made their promises and vows to each other in front of God and their family and friends. We just love the happy vibe of everyone which in turn also have a very emotional personal vows.

Here are some photos from Camzar Photography:

Take a glimpse of what happened by their same day edit video. 

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A week in Singapore

On a rainy afternoon, all you want to do is just lay in your bed and just cuddle with your pillows. This gives you a sense of relaxation from the busy days in the past days. Well, we, are not an exception. But despite this moody weather, it gives us a sense of joy to share what happened in our week in Singapore.

It has been a crazy yet fun time in Singapore last week. Crazy, as in, it would test your patience and just try to respond in every situation. Fun, yes indeed! We had a blast! Overall it was just pure friendship, camaraderie, support, passion and as the wedding industry goes, love. It was a week full of it and we can't trade it for anything else.

We are greeted with pure sunshine in Singapore. It's as if it gives us great encouragement that we'd be venturing or should we say risking a great deal in Singapore. Our hearts are full of hope and at the same time excitement that it would be our very first out of the country bridal fair. Seeing this beautiful scene before landing just gives us a picture of what would happen the next couple of days.

A few days before the actual expo, we had a chance to just relax a bit and just fix all the things we need to do. We are blessed that our room from a standard room (with no windows) was upgraded to a deluxe room (with a good view) for our stay. Until now, we don't have a clue why the hotel decided to make the upgrade but we are extremely happy that they did. Maybe because it was our second time staying in their hotel and they decided to make it special to us by giving us the upgrade. We are grateful for it. We knew, it was our humble relaxing pod from the crazy days ahead. If you might ask, we stayed in Bliss Hotel.

Expo Day - After months of preparation and sleepless nights of thinking on how to bring a good booth but doesn't need to bring a lot, it finally came to life. It's a challenge since we will want an eye catcher booth but we have to strip it down due to transport limitations. We are happy that it was more that what we imagined it to be. This would not be possible for the following people who helped us build this. Special shout out to my aunt, Susan Del Mundo for lending us her mini projector and also for the encouragement and also to Bryan Venancio for the beautiful photos posted on the booth and also for partnering their photography business with us during the expo. We are extremely grateful and appreciate for all the help. You may check Bryan Venancio's awesome works on his website.

It was a fulfilling 2-day event that we met our SG based client-friends and just catch up. We could feel that warm hospitality from all of them as they bring us gifts, special mention to Joy and Teng, and some treat us in the most go-to places in Singapore. We're extremely grateful for it.

One of our client-friends, Marc and Joey, took us out and just take that time to unwind from the tiring yet fulfilling 2-day event. We went out to to-go place to wind, Clarke Quay, and just catch up on things. It was a blast!

We are also treated by one of our client-friends Rosemarie to one of the most visited buffet restaurant in Singapore, Sakura, and just tirelessly eat our stomachs out from the great food there.

The week is not over yet. My good friend, Bryan Venancio, decided to squeeze an engagement shoot. I was ecstatic to know that he would have one since it was one of my (Justine), frustration to do photography. Good thing, I had my camera with me and took some during the shoot. For now, here are some great photos from him. More of his works on his website in www.bryanvenancio.com.

And here's our share on his engagement shoot.

Overall, it was just pure love and happiness during the one week stay. From our client-friends, soon-to-wed clients, fellow suppliers, friends in the industry, organizers, family and to all the people who made this trip a memorable one, we're extremely happy that you are part of it. Big thanks especially to God to making this huge blessing for us. We can't wait to visit more destination and create beautiful memories to it. 

As the saying goes, Live, Laugh and Love! So, lets!

Destination Wedding Events

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Eli and Vim

"All this time, we're waiting for each other."

There is no stopping these two love birds to say their promises and vows to each other in front of God and their family and friends. Despite the crazy weather, everyone seems to have a happy vibe and it was just a blessing that their day was kissed by sunshine.

Here's Eli and Vim's same day edit video!

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