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Carlo and Angela

"Fourteen years ago, I sent a text message to my Nokia 5110 phone to this beautiful that I barely know. Little do I know that 14 years later, she's standing in front of me as my wife."

It was a beautiful love story of Carlo and Angela as they were high school sweethearts then and finally after a 14 years they are in front of their family and friends stating their promises and vows. It's a testament that God has His perfect time and perfect one for you.

It's a love story worth sharing and we'd like to introduce to you Carlo and Angela with this lovely same day edit video.

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Nelson and Mitzi

"I call this our tissue moment because every time we go out together, tinatabi ko yung tissue paper na nandun sa table."

Right now it's very popular to see Time Hop post (an app that let's you see the your previous posts). Nelson and Mitzi's wedding brought back years and years of their being together and their journey until they decided to get married. One was their tissue moment where Nelson would keep the tissue paper where they dine and write what happened during the day. Another was the premiere night tickets they went since both of them are movie lovers.

It was one of the most personal weddings we've been too and we can't help but be touched by their story which we will share now.

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Bryan and Guin

"I love you, since day one until forever."

Okay, where to start?

This is one of the most epic weddings we've been to. A lot of emotions were poured in during the day.

It was when we caught Guin paused for a moment when she was dressing up and just filled with emotions and can't help but just let go. It was also when there's a "door opening" scene for the groom. It was also when one of the most memorable moments of best man and groom, Bryan.

We'd like to introduce Guin and Bryan through their wedding video and share their love story.

Photography: Jeff and Lisa Photography
Coordination: Christine Ong-Te Events
Gown: Cecilio Abad

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EJ and Ades // save the date

It's always fun if you're with the person who makes you laugh all the time.

EJ and Ades are just relaxed and happy couple who loves to go on road trips and travel. We were lucky to join them in one of their trips to Baler, which is by the way one of the best places we've seen.

Happy couple + lovely place = Awesome experience.

We hope we could send out that awesomeness through this video.

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Paul and Eyah

God truly gives the perfect blessing in the right time. You may encounter disappointments, pain and failure at first but this just means God is preparing a bigger blessing for you.

This is very truthful for Paul and Eyah. After all the "almosts", it just gives enough time to meet the person who will you spend the rest of your life. God is truly amazing in his plan for us.

It was a lovely wedding in Tagaytay that time amidst the heavy rainfall the day before. It was also an almost but truly prayers are answered.

Here's a glimpse of their big day in the same day edit we prepared.

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Manyx and Malou

"Katulad ng sinasabi ko sayo dati, hindi ako marunong magpromise tsaka ayaw ko ng promises pero gagawin ko ang lahat para magwork itong marraige natin."

It was almost after the break of dawn when Manyx and Malou decided to say their life long commitment in front of their family and friends and God. It is really good sign to get when the sun is about to get up as it's resembles new beginnings and a fresh start. This is a new beginning for them as they journey together as husband and wife.

Here's a photo courtesy of their official photographer Camzar Photography.

Take a glimpse of their day in their same day edit video.

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N@W Family Marathon Shoot Year 2

It was a fun-filled Sunday afternoon as some of the prime wedding and lifestyle photographers and set design stylists gather in one venue to have an enjoyable family marathon shoot.

Thank you to Ms. Benz of W@W/N@W and also for the N@Wies for organizing an event like this. We had fun as much as everyone involved.

Here are some of the photos taken by Ruffa and Mike Photography.

Here are some photos taken from Daniel Talavera Photography who also took some of the Behind the Scenes Photos:

And hey, we have our group shot also taken by Daniel Talavera.

Now, here's our piece of the cake. We've had the privilege to take the behind the scenes video of the very successful event.

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