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Sam and Trixie

"Mahal na mahal kita mula ulo hanggang taba."

Love comes in mysterious ways. You'll never that someone who is already in front of you is already your special someone.

Sam and Trixie's big day was just a very fun and just happy vibes all through out. Get a glimpse of their love story through our same day edit video we prepared and also some awesome photos from their official photographer Jorem and Shiela Catilo Photography.

Dream Team:
Photography: Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography
Coordination: Dazzle Professional Events Management
HMUA: Muriel Vega Perez Hair & MakeUP Artist
Bridal Gown: Mel Orlina Couture
Preparations: Cocoon Boutique Hotel
Ceremony and Reception: Light of Love

Mon and Jen

"I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow and forever."

Malolos, Bulacan - Remember the best reaction we had from the groom? This is it. The day was filled with high emotions and we can't help but be also emotional during the day.

Mon was very hands on during the preparation which jokingly Jen said that he is the "bride." But everything and all of the hardwork of the two really paid off as it was just a lovely afternoon with everything but just outpouring love was felt during the day.

Set in one of the historic church in the Philippines, Mon and Jen faced their family, friends and God to seal their bond and blessed it. Let's take a peak into what happened during the day by their same day edit video we prepared.

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Fred and Tricia

"You are the only exception."

T'was a lovely morning when Fred and Tricia finally made their promises in front of their family, friends and God. Set in one of the most beautifully made church architecture in the Philippines, St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish, Fred and Tricia seal their loved with an eternal bond.

It's so awesome also to be using again one of the most famous songs used in weddings.

Here are some awesome photos from their official photographer Sunday Morning Studios.

Here's their love story weaved their same day edit video we prepared.

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Erik and Elize

"So why don't we go, somewhere only we know."

Batangas City, Batangas - With the lovely country breeze and view of Batangas, it's the perfect time to be in the mood for love.

It was an awesome Saturday afternoon as Erik and Elize finally profess their love for each other in front of their family, friend and God.

Witness their love story in the onsite video we prepared.

Dream Team:
Photography: Foreveryday Photography
Gown: Amonn velasco
HMUA: Eg make up studio / eds go HMUA
Preparation: Portefino Hotel
Ceremony: Parish of the Most Holy Trinity
Reception: Club Yolanda

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Renee and Mel

"It's been 11 years and 3 months since we've been together. We've been through a lot. Today, we would be another chapter of our lives as husband and wife."

It was one lovely Sunday afternoon as family and friends of Renee and Mel gather together to celebrate the union of them in front of God.

Renee and Mel waited half their lives for this moment and finally it's another milestone that forever they will treasure.

We just love how genuine Mel's reaction when she got her gift from Renee as we got the "actual" clip from the gift.

Here are some great still from their official photographer, CamZar Photography.

It's just a lovely day and we'd like to share their love story through their onsite video we prepared.

Dream Team:
Photography: CamZar Photography
Coordination: A Magical Event by Marj Dizon
HMUA: CJ Jimenez- Make Up Artist
Gown: Bong de Ocampo Couture
Preparation: Seda Hotel Nuvali
Ceremony: St. Benedict Parish
Reception: The Hills, Silang, Cavite

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Robert and Ann

"8 years and 11 months ago, we took a leap of faith. Nagsimula lang sa di natin subukan. Today, I promise not to try but to thrive."

12.13.14 - The hottest date to date this 2014 and we're privileged to cover one of the coolest couple this 2014.

They made sure their wedding is out of the ordinary as they specifically selected their songs to use in the video. To our surprise, the artist that sang the song we used in the video was their in their wedding. It was such a huge privilege to just witness and able to document their very special day.

Robert and Ann's love story is a testimony that love is patient. They waited for a long time and finally now they profess their love to each other in front of their family, friend and God.

Let's witness one of the wedding in the hottest date in 2014 with, without bias, the coolest couple to document. For everyone's curiosity, song used is Ikaw Pala by Sugarfree.

Here are some amazing photos from their official photographer CamZar Photography.

Now, here's their onsite video.

Dream Team:
Photography: CamZar Photography
Coordination: Monina E Events and Marketing
Preparations: Diamond Hotel
Ceremony: Paco Church
Reception: Diamond Hotel

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EJ and Ades

"Ades, Mahal, it all started with your attractive smile. A smile that brought love, happiness and everlasting joy to my life."

This is, by far, one of the most unforgettable weddings we've been to. Everyone was praying for a better weather during the day as it's the time for the typhoon to cross. It's also said that it is the strongest typhoon to hit Philippines. But despite the crazy weather, you felt the enduring love of EJ and Ades' family and friends - and there we a lot. They came and celebrated this very special day.

We, ourselves, got teary eyed when they said their thanks to everyone. Almost all came and stayed and just wore big smile on their faces.

It's a celebration of love amidst any storm. We are so privileged that we had the chance to cover this unforgettable day.

Here are some awesome photos from their official photographer Betty Uy of Imagine Nation Photography.

Let's see EJ and Ades' love story braving the rain and winds of Ruby though the same day edit video we prepared.

Here's the link to their save the date video:

Dream Team:
Photography: Imagine Nation Photography
Videography: Zoombox Wedding Videos
Invites and Calligraphy: The Fozzy Book
HMUA: Make-up by Bea Almeda
Coordination: E-Vents' Ezzentials Events Coordinator
Preparation: Tagaytay Country Hotel
Ceremony: San Antonio De Padua Parish
Reception: Two Gardens, Tagaytay

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