What is Zoombox Wedding Videos' style?
We would want to capture the event as it unfolds before everyone eyes. We don't usually take queues during our shoots, except for controlled environments - we'd want them (shoots) to be spontaneous and natural.

We'd like to be edgy in our videos.

Do you shoot in Full HD?
Yes we do! We even upload your videos in HD for better viewing experience. We send the videos through DVD format as well for personal consumption.

What equipments do you use?
We always bring the same equipments on all of our events. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Canon HD DSLR Cameras, for full HD Experience
  • 1 - Glidecam, for better video stabilization 
  • 1 - Dolly Slider, for great sweeping effects
  • 1 - Camera crane system for majestic aerial view
  • 1 - Professional Microphone (Wireless Lapel), so that messages conveyed are clear and crisp
  • 2 - 1000W Lights, for better lighting
How long is your service?
We usually arrive at the hotel or preparation location 5 hours prior to the church ceremony time to give us ample time to shoot both the bride and groom as well as other details and leave after the host announces the reception is over.

Do we have to feed you?
We don't require you but we will greatly appreciate it if you do. You don't actually have to serve us with gourmet foods or let us dig in the buffet table, we will certainly appreciate if crew meals are served. And maybe, bottomless water to quench our thirst.

How many are you in your crew?
Just add one more person for the Basic Package you are getting and two for the Full Package. They are our assistants that helps us setup our equipments during the shoot so that our videographers can capture more moments as possible.

Do you have a photo package?
We certainly don't. However we would like to recommend you to our good photographer friends from Rule of Thirds by JR Salonga (http://www.jrsalonga.com) and Camzar Photography (http://www.camzarphoto.com). Don't hesitate to give then a PM and ask for their rate.

When do you usually deliver?
As stated in our contract we deliver the DVDs within 3 to 4 months.

Does you client gets to say what goes in the video. 
You certainly can, however, as stated in our contract, we expect the client to inform us of their preferences and specific requests before the wedding day. We encourage you also to suggest a song for the SDE and Final Video but it would be still subject for editor's approval. We will certainly be more than willing to use your song if we it fits to be the background music.

We love the quality of the HD video that you offer but we really don't like the way you shoot and you edit. Will you adjust your style according to my liking?
Note, that we have this website to show how our style is.  It is our assumption that the reason who hired us to capture your event is that you wanted the same style.

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